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Shoulder Treatments

Shoulder Doctor in South Austin

At Texas Orthopedics, Dr. John McDonald uses surgical and non-surgical treatments to repair and strengthen the shoulder joint. The goal is to restore the ability to use your shoulder normally with physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery. Although shoulder bursitis and rotator cuff injuries both cause painful inflammation in the shoulder joint, they are not treated the same. Bursitis can typically be resolved with physical therapy, while a torn rotator cuff must be surgically repaired.

Common shoulder surgeries include:

Shoulder conditions and injuries can be difficult to treat and recover from, so the guidance of an experienced orthopedic doctor is essential for optimal results. Dr. McDonald trained with some of the world’s most respected orthopedic surgeons to learn how to surgically treat shoulder problems, including arthroscopic shoulder surgery and shoulder reconstructive surgery.

During your appointment, Dr. McDonald will be able to recommend the proper treatment and give you expectations for your recovery timeline. Patients who are candidates for shoulder arthroscopy generally recover the quickest with a post-operative rehabilitation program that will begin shortly after surgery to ensure that you regain your strength and range of motion in your shoulder joint as quickly and safely as possible.

Talk to Dr. McDonald about your concerns with shoulder surgery. He has performed numerous orthopedic surgeries and can offer practical advice and insight to ease your concerns about returning to work or play. Make an appointment to see Dr. McDonald at Texas Orthopedics in Northwest Austin, Central Austin, or South Austin today. Call (512) 439-1001 or request an appointment online.